vrijdag 17 april 2009

The story of the 'soepsteen' (Dutch only I'm afraid)

By Jerry de Mars & Maarten Bruns

With special thanks to story tellers Maarten B, Jan-Willem, Carolien, Klaus, Hetty, Honkey, Edward, Iris, Eva, Aart, Hans, Hutton, Brigitte, Brenno, Myrte, Joris, Pauline, Jeroen, Mark, Robert, Pepijn, Yesim, Ruud, Maaike, Inge, Daan and Maarten BB.

donderdag 16 april 2009

Break out 'Open Source Urbanism' NDSM April 14, 2009

Dear open innovators,

Thank you all for an inspiring attempt at the NDSM to discuss open source urbanism. I hope you all enjoyed this break out all though it seemd very short, but that was obviously because I was talking too much. So thank you Hans, for your proposition to continue this session in three weeks at the new spot Westerdok.

Special thanks to Klaus. Your presentation was super, everybody was talking about you. It is so good to learn from Mellow Park and Berlin Tempelhof, so we are inviting ourselves to Berlin soon. Yey!

And thanks to Hetty for having us in your beautiful self built workspace!

Meanwhile Maarten Bruns opened an account on Linkedin:
It can also be a place to discuss further matters or dicide on which topics we could continu our discussion at next meetings.

Here is the list of names present at this break out:

- Brigitte Belanger, Bellissima Internet & TV, web project Noord Verandert

- Eva de Klerk, NDSM, project booster, open innovation capital
- Iris Schutten, architect, Laboratorium voor de Tussentijd

- Inge Broere, the HUB, art of hosting

- Frank Kresin, Waagsociety, Living Lab
- Hans Karssenberg, Stipo, Museumkwartier & Inspiring Cities

- Hetty van Bommel, artist, theatre maker, PUBLIEKE WERKEN INT.

- Klaus Overmeyer, Urban Catalyst Berlin, landscape architect
- Maaike Hawinkels, archtiect Delft, New York, London

- Mark Rijnen, publisher, advertising, Open Source village in Italy or Spain

- Onno Warns, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Talk of the Town about urban development

- Simon van Dommelen, de stad bv, test labs, new ideas for old buildings

For next meeting at Broedplaats Westerdok I would also like to invite Merijn Oudenampsen (flexmens), Maarten Bruns (Groene Aap), Iris de Kivieth, Stealth.ultd, Beelding from Rotterdam, and Janicke Kernland (I fabriek) from Maastricht.

Till next!


woensdag 15 april 2009

quick recap of yesterday's gathering

  • The sunny riverside terrace was perfect for our story tellers (movie will follow!) - prepared by Maarten Bruns and produced by Jerry de Mars
  • It was hot hot hot at Noorderlicht café when Klaus Obermeyer from Urban Catalysts showed us the difference between the interpretation of 'planning' by project developers, government and end-users of urban spaces.
  • Jan-Willem Broekema enlightened us on the purpose of 'open' in open source and the whale-connection.
  • Everybody brought an ingredient for the soup - Sanne, Nancy and Eva put it together
  • contributions (30 euro) exceeded the coffee fee for Noorderlicht (25 euro.
  • The break outs resulted so far in a tune to go with our movies; new meetings at De Waag, TNO and RedNose for open learning material - at STIPO and Pakhuys de Zwijger for open source urban development.

Special thanks to Jolien from café Noorderlicht for hosting us!

vrijdag 10 april 2009

Next Open Innovation Capital meeting 14 April

This second open innovation session takes place in various workspaces of the artists and entrepreneurs on the NDSM wharf.

Open innovation themes to date:
1.open innovation for decentralised generation of energy and watersupply
2.open innovation for education material
3.open source gebiedsontwikkeling
4.open innovation make it visible
5.open innovation community facilitation

Everybody is welcome to start a new theme, just let us know and we will organise you a place and space.

15:00 - reception
15:30 - speakers
16:00 - break out - to the various themes
17:00 - break in
17:30 - live, together, create the community site
18:30 - soup with bread

---:--- - open ending

Performances (interactief):
1. help bridging the digital divide (sourcing non-digital wisdom)
2. open tunes (compose our community tune)
3. wok de WOB (transparancy in action)
4. eat the soup as hot as you like

Entrance fee:
- a soup ingredient of choice (tip: a vegetable!)
- “bring your own goods” - coffee, tea and cookies + bread to go with the soup is taken care of. If you want something else - just bring some with
- take your mobile phone with you